Counseling for Teens and Parents who are suffering

"I hate you! You don't understand! Why can't you get off my back and LEAVE ME ALONE!!?

Parents, you know your teen doesn't really mean that but it still hurts. Your teen is hurting too. He or she is lashing out not because they want to make your life miserable. They are acting out because they are scared to death, trying to break free from you and be independent while at the same time needing your guidance. They know adulthood is approaching and they haven't a clue as to how to deal wtih that. And they can't talk to you.

But they can talk to me. I have worked with A LOT of teens. I call myself The Teens' Coach because I do more than just listen. I give them space and time to talk without being judged. I help them understand the feelings behind their actions so they can make a better choice. And I provide what I call Life Lessons, stuff I wish somebody had told me when I was a teen. I help Parents, too. I am a certified Systematic Training for Effective Parenting coach.

If your teen is screaming for help, if you feel like you are at the end of your rope, please call me. But please don't use therapy as punishment. That doesn't work. Your teen has to be willing to at least give it a shot. I offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION so your teen can meet me and see what it's all about and hopefully give it a try. Call me now!

If not now, when?

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